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Our service is an expression of our gratitude.

In 2006, the Knights of Sonoma County were formed in the garage of one of our three founding members. For the past 11 years we have been dedicated to serving the people of Sonoma County, and our membership has grown to 16. Often times those who enlist our help are the people who have fallen between the cracks and have not been able to find help from existing agencies.

Our mission is simple: we offer to help in whatever ways we can, anytime we see someone in need.

Over the years we have touched many lives in many different ways. We have worked in homeless communities, preparing and serving food at shelters and encampments, prepared packs to hand out during winter months, and provided auto repairs to people living in their cars. Additionally, we have provided children in need with clothing, meals, bicycles, funding for education, sponsorship for educational field-trips, and brought Christmas to struggling families. We have served veterans, senior citizens, and people with physical disabilities by doing home repairs, yard maintenance, building access ramps, repairing sidewalks, stairs, bathrooms and driveways, and provide fellowship visits to the housebound.


Today, we see that there are more people in need than ever before, and we seek to expand the work we do. In the near future, we plan to open a community resource center that will provide meeting rooms and offer programs like day care, job search assistance, legal workshops, housing referrals, and résumé writing services. We also have our first clean and sober living house for alcoholics/addicts trying to better their lives. This is an all men's clean and sober house located on Piner Rd. in Santa Rosa Ca. that is designed to help build men up to be the absolute best they can be in there community.

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